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Mayer, Thierry
Commerce international, Géographie économique, Multinationales
  The impact of urban public transportation evidence from the Paris region Mayer, Thierry ; Trevien, Corentin Journal of Urban Economics 2017-11 Article
The impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on establishment location decisions and labor market outcomes: evidence from France Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Journal of Economic Geography 2017-07 Article
Consumption, Social Interactions and Preferences Sihra, Eve ; Mayer, Thierry ; Allais, Olivier 2017-06 Thèse de doctorat
From micro to macro: Demand, supply, and heterogeneity in the trade elasticity Bas, Maria ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias Journal of International Economics 2017 Article
  Essays in International Trade and Economic Geography Umana Dajud, Camilo ; Mayer, Thierry 2016-12 Thèse de doctorat
Four Essays in Empirical Urban Trevien, Corentin ; Mayer, Thierry 2016-05 Thèse de doctorat
Are clusters more resilient in crises? Evidence from French exporters in 2008-2009 Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian Factory-Free Economy 2016 Partie ou chapitre de livre
The Impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on Establishments Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Journal of Economic Geography 2015-10 Article
Brands in Motion: How frictions shape multinational production Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry 2015-08 Working paper
  A Quantitative History of Trade Globalization: 1827-1912 Hugot, Jules ; Mayer, Thierry ; O’rourke, Kevin H 2015-06 Thèse de doctorat
From Micro to Macro: Demand, Supply, and Heterogeneity in the Trade Elasticity Bas, Maria ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias 2015-05 Working paper
The Impacts of Urban Public Transportation: Evidence from the Paris Region Mayer, Thierry ; Trevien, Corentin 2015-03 Working paper
Essays on the Impact of International Trade and Labor Regulation on Firms Smagghue, Gabriel ; Mayer, Thierry 2014-07 Thèse de doctorat
Welfare and Trade without Pareto Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias American Economic Review 2014-05 Article
Welfare and Trade Without Pareto Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias 2014-02 Working paper
Market Size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporters Mayer, Thierry ; Melitz, Marc J. ; Ottaviano, Gianmarco American Economic Review 2014-02 Article
What Separates Us? Sources of Resistance to Globalization Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Canadian Journal of Economics 2013-11 Article
Time to ship during Financial Crisis Berman, Nicolas ; de Sousa, José ; Mayer, Thierry ; Martin, Philippe 2013-09 Working paper
Time to Ship during Financial Crises Berman, Nicolas ; de Sousa, José ; Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2012 2013-08 Communication dans des actes de colloque publiés
The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission: Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France Algan, Yann ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias 2013-03 Working paper
Gravity Equations: Workhorse, Toolkit, and Cookbook Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry 2013-01 Working paper
How do different exporters react to exchange rate changes? Theory, empirics and aggregate implications Berman, Nicolas ; Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry The Quarterly journal of economics 2012-12 Article
  Market access in global and regional trade De Sousa, José ; Mayer, Thierry ; Zignago, Soledad Regional science and urban economics 2012-11 Article
Les effets de (re)localisation des Zones Franches Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Sciences Po LIEPP Policy Brief 2012-11 Article
The Geography of Conflicts and Regional Trade Agreements Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias ; Martin, Philippe American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 2012-10 Article
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