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Mayer, Thierry
Commerce international, Géographie économique, Multinationales
  Institutional Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès ; Mayer, Thierry ; Coupet, Maylis World economy 2007-05 Article
La localisation à l'étranger des entreprises multinationales Mucchielli, Jean-Louis ; Mayer, Thierry Economie et statistique 1999-09 Article
Les entreprises sur les marchés mondiaux Bouët, Antoine ; Mayer, Thierry Economie et statistique 2003-11 Article
  The trade-creating effects of business and social networks: evidence from France Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Lafourcade, Miren ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of International Economic Law 2005-05 Article
Market Potential and the Location of Japanese Firms in the European Union Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry The Review of Economics & Statistics 2004-11 Article
  Regional Wage and Employment Responses to Market Potential in the EU Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Regional science and urban economics 2006-09 Article
How do firms agglomerate? A study of FDI in france Crozet, Matthieu ; Mayer, Thierry ; Mucchielli, Jean-Louis Regional science and urban economics 2004 Article
Detection of local interactions from the spatial pattern of names in France Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of Regional Science 2008-02 Article
  How Different is Eastern Europe ? Structure and Determinants of Location Choices by French firms in Eastern and Western Europe Disdier, Anne-Célia ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of Comparative Economics 2004-06 Article
Trade in the Triad: how easy is the access to large markets? Fontagné, Lionel ; Mayer, Thierry ; Zignago, Soledad Canadian Journal of Economics 2005-11 Article
Je t'aime, moi non plus: Bilateral opinions and international trade Disdier, Anne-Célia ; Mayer, Thierry European Journal of Political Economy 2007-12 Article
Revisiting oligopolistic reaction: are decisions on foreign direct investment strategic complements? Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Ries, John Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 2002 Article
On the pervasiveness of home market effects Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Ries, John EconomicA 2002 Article
  Strategic location behaviour: the case of japanese investments in Europe Mucchielli, Jean-Louis ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of Transnational Management Development 1998 Article
Effet frontière, intégration économique et 'forteresse europe' Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Economie & prévision 2002 Article
  How remote is the offshoring threat? Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Ries, John European Economic Review 2009-05 Article
The impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on establishment location decisions and labor market outcomes: evidence from France Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Journal of Economic Geography 2017-07 Article
  Market access in global and regional trade De Sousa, José ; Mayer, Thierry ; Zignago, Soledad Regional science and urban economics 2012-11 Article
Welfare and Trade without Pareto Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias American Economic Review 2014-05 Article
Market Size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporters Mayer, Thierry ; Melitz, Marc J. ; Ottaviano, Gianmarco American Economic Review 2014-02 Article
Quality sorting and trade: firm-level evidence for French wine Crozet, Matthieu ; Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Review of Economic Studies 2012-04 Article
What Separates Us? Sources of Resistance to Globalization Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Canadian Journal of Economics 2013-11 Article
Gravity, market potential and development Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of Economic Geography 2011 Article
The location of domestic and foreign production affiliates by French multinational firms Mayer, Thierry ; Méjean, Isabelle ; Nefussi, Benjamin Journal of Urban Economics 2010 Article
The Impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on Establishments Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Journal of Economic Geography 2015-10 Article
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