Conference proceedings
Repurposing Digital Methods for Human-Centered Design : Distilling Data-Driven Personas from Twitter Discussions: The case of Urban Nature in Paris
RICCI Donato - Médialab (Author)
BRILLI Agata - Médialab (MEDIALAB) (Author)
TASSI Roberta - Politecnico di Milano [Milan] (Author)
Design Research Society
Conferance name
DRS 2018 - Catalyst
Conference date(s)
2018-06-25 / 2018-06-28
Conference place
Limerick, IRELAND
personas, human-centered design, digital methods, mixed methods
From logs and information left in online spaces to data points self-generated by connected devices, digital traces have become more diffused over the past years, prompting an expansion of Human-Centered Design methods. Along with some bigdata approaches, Digital Methods of research – treating the actual content of digital users’ manifestation on-line (i.e. tweets, Instagram pictures, comments) – offer the opportunity to better understand users through their online activities. This paper investigates how Digital Methods can be repurposed as a full-fledged approach for Human-Centered Design. Grafting on the NATURPRADI project – a research aimed at describing the debate raised by the re-vegetation of the city of Paris by analysing Twitter posts – in the paper we will explain how we have identified and described a set of personas characterized by different approaches towards the evolution of the urban nature issue. The final objective of the paper is to provide a first methodological tool created at the intersection of Digital Methods and Human-Centered Design discussing its opportunities and criticalities: Data-driven Personas.