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The second financialization in France



Type:   Partie ou chapitre de livre
Titre:   The second financialization in France : or how executives and directors with unchanged financial careers promoted a new conception of control
Auteur(s):   François, Pierre (1973-...) - Centre de sociologie des organisations (Auteur)
Lemercier, Claire (1976-...) - Centre de sociologie des organisations (Auteur)
In:   Finance at Work
Date de publication:   2017-07
Éditeur:   London  :  Routledge
Pages:   142-155  p.
ISBN:   9781138204034
Mots-clés:   [en] Financial careers, France, Executives, Directors, New conception of control
Résumé:   [en] This chapter studies the careers of CEOs in the 120 largest publicly listed French firms, as well as that of the persons who sat in at least two of their boards in 2009. In this population, the main divide opposes the careers that took place, partly or completely, in financial firms to those that did not. Far from being the product of the recent financialization, however, this under-studied divide already existed in 1979 and 1956. Comparing these cohorts with the more recent one allows the authors to assess the remarkable stability of the financial careers of French executives and directors, be they part of the State nobility or not.


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