Actes de colloque
Designing Digital Methods to monitor and inform Urban Policy. : The case of Paris and its Urban Nature initiative.
RICCI Donato - Médialab (Auteur)
COLOMBO Gabriele - DensityDesign (Auteur)
MEUNIER Axel - Deuxième labo (Auteur)
BRILLI Agata - Médialab (Auteur)
Singapore : International Public Policy Association
Nom de la conférence
International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP3)
Date(s) de la conférence
2017-06-28 / 2017-06-30
Lieu de la conférence
Singapore, SINGAPOUR
Mots clés
Digital Methods, Data Visualisation, Public participation, Urban Nature, Visual methods, Participatory Design, Research Design
The reconciliation of nature and the urban space is worldwide considered among the smart solutions to a growing range of issues created by urban growth. But there is no agreement on the imaginaries and technical practices that should be included into the new urban nature. To address the specific case of the city Paris and its big re-naturation project, to observe, monitor and, eventually, produce elements of reflections for future urban policies, in the NATURPRADI project has been conducted a Digital Methods campaign. It is aimed at mapping the symbolic and material elements of the urban nature debate by asking specific research questions: Which images, discourses and practices narrate urban nature? by whom and what are they sustained?