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Does Healthy Food Access Matter in a French Urban Setting? : The Role of Food Retail Structure
CAILLAVET France - Alimentation et sciences sociales (ALISS) (Auteur)
KYUREGHIAN Gayaneh - Korea University (Auteur)
NAYGA Rodolfo - University of Arkansas (Auteur)
FERRANT Coline - (Auteur)
CHAUVIN Pierre - INSERM (Auteur)
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Healthy food access, Food retail structure
It is maintained that limited access to healthy food and relatively easy access to less healthy food, among other economic and environmental factors, are accountable for poor dietary choices and are ultimately associated with major public health concerns (Walker et al. 2010; Economic Research Service Report to Congress 2009). The linkage between the food environment and food choices and spending patterns, and, more fundamentally, food security has been a subject of interest in academic and policy debates. Although much discussed and widely researched, the linkage between food retail availability and dietary choices or health status is still largely unclear (Walker et al. 2010; Kyureghian, Nayga and Bhattacharya 2013; Kyureghian and Nayga 2013). (First paragraph)