Preparedness or Resilience: How is the Pandemic Framed?
Italian Society for Applied Anthropology
115 minutes
Mots clés
pandemic, Covid-19, Disaster Risk Reduction, international world
SIAA Speakers' Corner n.3 -- In her latest book “Disasterland. An Ethnography of the International Disaster Community” (Palgrave Macmillan 2020), Sandrine Revet analyses the making of the international world of ‘natural’ disasters by its professionals. Through a long-term ethnographic study of this expert arena, she unveils the elements necessary for the construction of an international world for governing potential risks and upheavals: a collective narrative, a shared language, and standardized practices. The two main framings that these experts use to situate themselves with regards to an over pending disaster are preparedness and resilience. Analyzing these two action devices and intervention logics, she argues that the making of the global world of Disaster Risk Reduction reveals how heterogeneous, conflicting, and often competing elements are put together, and their effects in the long term. In this webinar, these ethnographic lenses will be the starting point for exploring how the current pandemic is being internationally framed, and what the COVID-19 emergency can tell us about our possibilities for action in response to future outbreaks.