Smart Grids Applications and Developments
BALME Richard - Centre d'études européennes et de politique comparée (Auteur)
HILLS Peter - Kadoorie Institute (Auteur)
LI Victor - Faculty of Social Sciences (HKUST) (Auteur)
MAH Daphne - Department of Geography (Auteur)
Berlin : Springer
337 p.
Mots clés
Energy Governance and Policies, Global and Asian Perspectives on Energy Policy, Historical Context of Smart Grids, Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy Transformation, Stakeholder Perspectives on Sustainable Energy
Smart Grid Applications and Developments’ enriches understanding of today’s energy and climate challenges. It demonstrates how solutions require not only technological advances, but also political sensitivity; well-informed policy analysis, an improved understanding of stakeholders’ perceptions, and innovative interdisciplinary collaboration. Providing a holistic and integrated understanding of technology-stakeholder-policy interactions in smart grid technologies, this book focusses on global and Pan-Asian perspectives while offering case studies that illustrate what we can learn from international experiences. The book is organised into five sections: Part 1 discusses the historical and conceptual aspects of smart grids. Part 2 introduces the technological aspects and showcases the current state of the art. Part 3 explores policy and governance dimensions through the conceptual lens of stakeholders’ perspectives. Part 4 presents a collection of international case studies. Showcasing state-of-the-art R&D developments and new policy experiences, this book contributes to a better understanding of the governmental, institutional and political challenges concerning smart grids and helps formulate policy recommendations for successful smart grid deployment. (Publisher's abstract)

Introduction: Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy Transformation.- PART I History, Evolution and Latest Development of Smart Grids.- Smart grids: overview of concepts, applications and latest developments.- PART II Technical Characteristics of Smart Grids.- Getting smart: the smart grid systems and the state-of-the-art technologies.- Towards a European renewable-based energy system enabled by smart grid: status and prospects.- Demand response, dynamic pricing and smart metering: enabling energy-saving and smart houses.- Microgrids, virtual power plants and our distributed energy future.-.Transmission and distribution systems of smart grids: current status and future trends.- Communication and Network Security Requirements for Smart Grid.- PART III Stakeholders in Persepctive: Interests, Power, and Conflict.- Smart regulation for smart grids.- Smart grids from the consumers’ perspective.- A business case for smart grid technologies: a systemic perspective.- PART IV National Case studies.- A smart transmission grid for Europe: challenges in developing grid enabling technologies.- Smart-grid technologies and progress in the USA.- Towards sustainable energy systems through collaboration between government and business: the Japanese case.- Smart grids and socio-technical systems transition: a government-led approach in Korea.- Super smart grid and low carbon economy in China.- Intelligent grid in Australia: a value proposition for distributed energy.- PART V Conclsuion.- Conclusions.