Communication non publiée
A study on data curation perceptions and practices in France
Nom de la conférence
European DDI Users Conference (EDDI19)
Date(s) de la conférence
2019-12-03 / 2019-12-04
Lieu de la conférence
Tampere University (FSD), Tampere, FINLANDE
The secondary use of research data in scientific research is more and more common today in France. In parallel, the value of research data curation is increasingly recognised. New data services are emerging rapidly as the legislative context is changing, strongly inciting both researchers and institutions to share data. Different professionals are dealing with research data curation: data managers, archivists, librarians…. Some have a “traditional” role, others are newer to this field. To understand the current state of SSH data curation in France, we plan to conduct a quantitative survey and question these professionals on their perception on data curation. Our assumption is that, along with the national context, the educational and professional background of the data curators as well as their perceptions influence the data “business model” in France. In parallel, we plan to perform an analysis of online resources and institutional policies of the French actors dealing with research data. Also, how is the French community adhering to the best practices provided by actors like CESSDA, DDI Alliance or RDA? Is the French curation model a “disciplinary” and/or an institutional” model? Or do we have a larger, more “universal”, model? This paper presents the outcome of this research.