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Providing Data in a User-Friendly Manner at the Center for Socio-Political Data Paris
Nom de la conférence
10th Annual European DDI User Conference (EDDI18)
Date(s) de la conférence
2018-12-04 / 2018-12-05
Lieu de la conférence
Mots clés
Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), metadata, documentation
The Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP) of Sciences Po has been providing access to social sciences data resources from 2005. Our goal over the next year is to evolve our environment to a more user-friendly DDI-compliant structure. In the context of the new French law “Loi du numérique” from 2017, we need to question our quantitative data access procedures. We need to evaluate which are the resources that can be downloaded in open access and which ones need to be restricted in terms of access, in order to preserve the confidentiality of the survey respondents. Another element to take into account in order to provide data in a user-friendly manner is the improvement of the quality of our metadata. Our unequal interpretation of the DDI elements in our environment needs to be addressed in order to improve the user’s data discovery and comparative analysis experience: a metadata harmonization process is currently ongoing (use of controlled vocabularies, metadata re-use…) This presentation highlighted the processes, challenges and questions for providing easier data access to our users’ community on a DDI-compliant platform.