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Johnson arrasa en primera ronda de las primarias para suceder a May (Interview).
El Mercurio
1- Boris Johnson won by a landslide in the first round of voting. Why do you think he has such a huge support in the party? He is identified in the party as the most charismatic of the field of candidates; he is seen as most likely to claw back support from the new Brexit party which did so well in the European elections at the Conservatives' expense; he has promised to deliver Brexit by the end of October yet at the same time claims he wishes for a new deal (and thus pulls in support from hard and soft Brexiteers); and he has the support of the ERG (the Brexit ultras) due, largely, to his role in leading the official Brexit campaign in 2016. 2- What can the other candidates do at this point to win the election? They can hope to expose the contradictions in his position (for instance on Brexit) and hope that the press delve into his past. 3- What can we expect when we get to the last round of voting, when the wider conservative party decides? Do the members of the conservative party usually vote for the lead candidate? Johnson is the clear favourite amongst party members and it is largely for that reason that many Conservative MPs are backing him - they think he will win and that their best chances of serving in the Cabinet are by being loyal to him. If Johnson makes it through to the final vote of party members it is difficult to see how he can lose.