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Robin, Jean-Marc
Micro-économie, Marchés du travail, Econométrie
  Aggregation of non stationary demand systems Adda, Jérôme ; Robin, Jean-Marc Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy 2003 Article
  An econometric analysis of labour market transitions using discrete and tenure data Magnac, Thierry ; Robin, Jean-Marc Labour Economics 1994 Article
  Analysing incomplete individual employment histories using indirect inference Magnac, Thierry ; Robin, Jean-Marc ; Visser, Michael Journal of Applied Econometrics 1995 Article
Assessing the Equalizing Force of Mobility Using Short Panels: France, 1990–2000 Bonhomme, Stéphane ; Robin, Jean-Marc Review of Economic Studies 2009 Article
  Business cycle dynamics of earnings inequality Robin, Jean-Marc 2009-08 Communication non publiée
Career Progression, Economic Downturns and Skills Adda, Jérôme ; Dustmann, Christian ; Meghir, Costas ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2013-03 Working paper
  Career progression and formal versus on-the-job training Dustmann, Christian ; Adda, Jérôme ; Meghir, Costas ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2006 Working paper
Consistent Noisy Independent Component Analysis Robin, Jean-Marc ; Bonhomme, Stéphane Journal of Applied Econometrics 2009-01 Article
  Consumption dynamics and panel data: a survey Robin, Jean-Marc The econometrics of panel data 1992 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Contraintes financières, activité et chômage : une étude économétrique Cases, C ; Pascal, Anne ; Lanot, G. ; Lollivier, Stefan ; Robin, Jean-Marc 1995-07 Rapport
  Disparités régionales des prix des produits alimentaires Robin, Jean-Marc Cahiers d'économie et sociologie rurales 1988 Article
  Dynamic stochastic dominance in bandit decision problems Magnac, Thierry ; Robin, Jean-Marc Theory and decision 1999-12 Article
  Eating, Working, and Saving in an Unstable World: Consumers in Nineteenth- Century France Postel-Vinay, Gilles ; Robin, Jean-Marc Economic History Review 1992-08 Article
  Econometric Analysis of the Short-Run Fluctuations of Households' Purchases Robin, Jean-Marc The review of economic studies 1993-10 Article
  An Equilibrium Model of the Labour Market with Endogenous Capital and Two-Sided Search Roux, Sébastien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Annales d'économie et de statistique 2002 Article
Equilibrium Wage Dispersion with Worker and Employer Heterogeneity Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Econometrica 2002 Article
  Equilibrium search with continuous productivity dispersion: theory and nonparametric estimation Bontemps, Christian ; Robin, Jean-Marc ; Van den Berg, Gérard International Economic Review 2000 Article
Equilibrium wage dispersion with worker and employer heterogeneity Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Econometrica 2002-11 Article
Estimating Multivariate Latent-Structure Models Robin, Jean-Marc ; Bonhomme, Stéphane ; Jochmans, Koen 2014-12 Working paper
Estimating Multivariate Latent-Structure Models Bonhomme, Stéphane ; Jochmans, Koen ; Robin, Jean-Marc Annals of Statistics 2016 Article
  Estimating demand response with panel data Lecocq, Sébastien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Empirical Economics 2006 Article
  Estimation in large and disaggregated demand systems: an estimator for conditionally linear systems Blundell, Richard ; Robin, Jean-Marc Journal of Applied Econometrics 1999 Article
Four Essays in Econometrics Robin, Jean-Marc ; Davezies, Laurent 2013-12 Thèse de doctorat
  Frequency of purchase and the estimation of demand systems Meghir, Costas ; Robin, Jean-Marc Journal of Applied Econometrics 1992 Article
Generalized nonparametric deconvolution with an application to earnings dynamics - Published Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 77, Issue 2, pp. 491-533, 2010 Bonhomme, Stéphane ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2008-10 Working paper
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