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Barone, Carlo
Inégalités et ségrégation professionnelle, Inégalités scolaires Enseignement s ...
  Explaining Social Inequalities in Access to University: A Test of Rational Choice Mechanisms in Italy Barone, Carlo ; Triventi, Moris ; Assirelli, Giulia European Sociological Review 2018-10 Article
  “You Better Move On” Assirelli, Giulia ; Barone, Carlo ; Recchi, Ettore The International Migration Review 2018-04 Article
Encourager la lecture familiale pour réduire les inégalités Barone, Carlo COGITO, la lettre de la recherche à Sciences Po 2018-04 Contribution à un site web
Nudging gender desegregation: a field experiment on the causal effect of information barriers on gender inequalities in higher education Barone, Carlo ; Schizzerotto, Antonio ; Assirelli, Giulia ; Abbiati, Giovanni Maria European Societies 2018-03 Article
  Information barriers and social stratification in higher education: evidence from a field experiment Abbiati, Giovanni Maria ; Argentin, Gianluca ; Barone, Carlo ; Schizzerotto, Antonio British Journal of Sociology 2017-11 Article
  Social origins, relative risk aversion and track choice Barone, Carlo ; Assirelli, Giulia ; Argentin, Gianluca ; Abbiati, Giovanni Maria ; De Luca, Deborah Acta sociologica 2017-10 Article
  École et mobilité sociale : un rapport ambigu Barone, Carlo Diversité 2017-05 Article
  Educational equalization stalled? Trends in inequality of educational opportunity between 1930 and 1980 across 26 European nations Barone, Carlo ; Ruggera, Lucia European Societies 2017-05 Article
  Origini sociali, consiglio orientativo e iscrizione al liceo: un'analisi basata sui dati dell'Anagrafe Studenti Barone, Carlo ; Argentin, Gianluca ; Barbieri, Gianna Italian Journal of Social Policy / Rivista delle politiche sociali 2017-04 Article
  Social closure, micro-class immobility and the intergenerational reproduction of the upper class: a comparative study Barone, Carlo ; Ruggera, Lucia British Journal of Sociology 2017-02 Article
Information Barriers, Social Inequality, and Plans for Higher Education: Evidence from a Field Experiment Barone, Carlo European Sociological Review 2017 Article
Gender, information barriers and fields of study choice: a field experiment Barone, Carlo ; Schizzerotto, Antonio ; Abbiati, Giovanni Maria ; Assirelli, Giulia 2017-01 Working paper
School Reform: Innovation and the Rhetoric of Change Barone, Carlo ; Argentin, Gianluca Italian Politics 2016-09 Article
Graduate Migration Out of Italy: Predictors and Pay-Offs Recchi, Ettore ; Barone, Carlo ; Assirelli, Giulia 2016-08 Working paper
  Social Background and Education in Occupational Attainment in Italy Barone, Carlo ; Ballarino, Gabriele ; Panichella, Nazareno Education, Occupation and Social Origin A Comparative Analysis of the Transmission of Socio-Economic Inequalities 2016 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Education as positional good: Implications for social inequalities in educational attainment in Italy Triventi, Moris ; Panichella, Nazareno ; Ballarino, Gabriele ; Barone, Carlo ; Bernardi, Fabrizio Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 2015 Article
Some things never change: gender segregation in higher education across eight countries and three decades Barone, Carlo Sociology of Education 2011-04 Article