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Exploring the Interaction of Space and Networks in the Creation of Knowledge: An Introduction
Knowledge and Networks
GLÜCKLER Johannes - Universität Heidelberg (Auteur)
LAZEGA Emmanuel - Centre de sociologie des organisations (Auteur)
HAMMER Ingmar - Universität Heidelberg (Auteur)
Dordrecht : Springer
1 - 21 p.
Mots clés
pratiques sociales, réseaux, connaissance
The book series on Knowledge & Space explores the nature of human knowledge from a geographical perspective. How to create, share, and adopt new knowledge is a core question in the social sciences. Processes of learning and knowledge creation are the result of social practice and always take place in space and in specific geographical contexts. The eleventh volume is the outcome of the symposium entitled “Topographies and Topologies of Knowledge” in the series of Klaus Tschira Symposia on Knowledge and Space held at the Villa Bosch Studio in Heidelberg. This book focuses on the conceptual and empirical intersections of the geographical and network dimensions of social practice in accounting for the creation and reproduction of knowledge. By taking up this dialogue between the fields of geography and social network studies, the book is conceived to bridge a research gap between two analytic perspectives that until recently have developed more in parallel to each other than in mutual exchange between scholars. The intention of its chapters is to broaden and deepen understanding of the specific characteristics not only of space and connectivity but also of their mutual and interactive effect on knowledge creation.