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The RICardo Project on Trade between Nations from c. 1800 to 1938
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World Economy History Congress
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2018-07-29 / 2018-08-03
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The RICardo website (http://ricardo.medialab.sciences-po.fr) provides interactive data visualizations to explore 19th century World International Trade. This exploratory data analysis tool aims at letting scholars discover the richness but complexity of this dataset by providing : 1- a documentation under the form of an interactive data visualization tool which reveals the heterogeneity of the dataset that compiles archives from different sources through a century; 2- a progressive exploration path from the more aggregated to the most precise view: world total trade, specific country bilateral trade, pair of trade partners mirror flows discrepancies; 3- a custom graphic semiology which emphasizes the data uncertainty of the dataset. RICardo is meant for studying and discovering the history of trade and trade globalization at three level of details and with the possibility to focus on some specific country or areas by only using a web browser.