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Département d'économie (ECON)
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Four Essays in Empirical Urban Trevien, Corentin ; Mayer, Thierry 2016-05 Thèse de doctorat
  Networks in International Trade Chaney, Thomas The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks 2016-04 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Directors as Connectors: The Impact of the External Networks of Directors on Firms Do, Quoc-Anh ; Lee, Yen-Teik ; Nguyen, Bang Dang 2016-04 Working paper
Do large departments make academics more productive? Sorting and agglomeration economies in research Bosquet, Clément ; Combes, Pierre-Philippe 2016-03 Working paper
Three Essays on the Role of Frictions in the Economy Mortezapouraghdam, Meradj ; Wasmer, Etienne 2016-03 Thèse de doctorat
A Brief History of Human Time: Exploring a database of 'notable people' Gergaud, Olivier ; Laouénan, Morgane ; Wasmer, Etienne 2016-02 Working paper
A Brief History of Human Time Exploring a database of “notable people” Laouénan, Morgane ; Wasmer, Etienne ; Gergaud, Olivier 2016-02 Working paper
The Welfare Cost of Inflation Risk Under Imperfect Insurance Algan, Yann ; Allais, Olivier ; Challe, Edouard ; Ragot, Xavier 2016-02 Working paper
Modified-likelihood estimation of the b-model Jochmans, Koen 2016-02 Working paper
Semiparametric Analysis of Network Formation Jochmans, Koen 2016-02 Working paper
Track choice and socio-economic origin: measuring and explaining academic inhibition Huillery, Elise ; Guyon, Nina Sciences Po LIEPP Policy Brief 2016-02 Article
Vector Quantile Regression: An Optimal Transport Approach Carlier, Guillaume ; Chernozhukov, Victor ; Galichon, Alfred Annals of Statistics 2016 Article
The Macro-Dynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms Lise, Jeremy ; Robin, Jean-Marc American Economic Review 2016 Article
Matching, Sorting, and Wages Lise, Jeremy ; Meghir, Costas ; Robin, Jean-Marc Review of Economic Dynamics 2016-01 Article
Exchange Rates and Monetary Spillovers Plantin, Guillaume ; Shin, Hyun Song 2016 Working paper
Labor Market Reforms and Unemployment Dynamics Murtin, Fabrice ; Robin, Jean-Marc Labour Economics 2016 Article
Disentangling Goods, Labor, and Credit Market Frictions in Three European Economies Brzustowski, Thomas ; Petrovsky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne Labour Economics 2016 Article
  Evaluation des politiques publiques : faut-il de l'interdisciplinarité ? Wasmer, Etienne Economie & prévision 2016 Article
Are clusters more resilient in crises? Evidence from French exporters in 2008-2009 Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian Factory-Free Economy 2016 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Biased Aspirations and Social Inequality at School: Evidence from French Teenagers Guyon, Nina ; Huillery, Elise 2016-01 Working paper
The Minimum Wage and Inequality: The Effects of Education and Technology Barany, Zsofia Journal of Labor Economics 2016-01 Article
Two-Way Models for Gravity Jochmans, Koen The Review of Economics & Statistics 2016 Article
Estimating Multivariate Latent-Structure Models Bonhomme, Stéphane ; Jochmans, Koen ; Robin, Jean-Marc Annals of Statistics 2016 Article
One Mandarin Benefits the Whole Clan: Hometown Favoritism in an Authoritarian Regime Do, Quoc-Anh ; Nguyen, Kieu-Trang ; Tran, Anh N. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2016 Article
  Lois et normes : les enseignements de l'économie comportementale Fluet, Claude ; Galbiati, Roberto L'Actualité économique 2016 Article