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Postel-Vinay, Fabien
  Searching on the Labor Market: Theoretical Implications and Empirical Evidence Wilemme, Guillaume ; Wasmer, Etienne ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien 2016-12 Thèse de doctorat
Dynamic aid allocation Carter, Patrick ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Temple, Jonathan Journal of International Economics 2015-03 Article
Public Sector Wage Policy and Labor Market Equilibrium: A Structural Model Bradley, Jake ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Turon, Hélène 2014-12 Working paper
The Lifetime Earnings Premium in the Public Sector: The View from Europe Dickson, Matt ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Turon, Hélène Labour Economics 2014-12 Article
Wage Posting and Business Cycles: a Quantitative Exploration Moscarini, Giuseppe ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien 2014-12 Working paper
Did the Job Ladder Fail After the Great Recession? Moscarini, Giuseppe ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien Journal of Labor Economics 2014-07 Article
Tenure, Experience, Human Capital and Wages Bagger, Jesper ; Fontaine, François ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc American Economic Review 2014-06 Article
Reputation and Pricing on the e-Market: Evidence from a Major French Platform Jolivet, Grégory ; Jullien, Bruno ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien 2014-05 Working paper
The Impact of Firing Restrictions on Labor Market Equilibrium in the Presence of On-the-job Search Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Turon, Hélène The Economic Journal G 2014-03 Article
Stochastic Search Equilibrium Moscarini, Giuseppe ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien review of economic studies 2013-10 Article
Accounting for Endogeneity in Matching Function Estimation Borowczyk-Martins, Daniel ; Jolivet, Grégory ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien Review of Economic Dynamics 2013-07 Article
An Equilibrium Search Model of Synchronized Sales Albrecht, James ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Vroman, Susan International Economic Review 2013-05 Article
The Contribution of Large and Small Employers to Job Creation in Times of High and Low Unemployment Moscarini, Giuseppe ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien American Economic Review 2012-10 Article
Tenure, Experience, Human Capital and Wages: A Tractable Equilibrium Search Model of Wage Dynamics Bagger, Jesper ; Fontaine, François ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2011-08 Working paper
  The empirical content of the job search model: labor mobility and wage distributions in Europe and the US Jolivet, Grégory ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc European Economic Review 2006 Article
  Microeconometric search-matching models and matched employer-employee data Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Advances in Economics and Econometrics Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress 2006 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Wage bargaining with on-the-job search: theory and evidence Cahuc, Pierre ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Econometrica 2006 Article
  To match or not to match? Optimal wage policy with endogenous worker search intensity Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Review of Economic Dynamics 2004 Article
Equilibrium wage dispersion with worker and employer heterogeneity Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Econometrica 2002-11 Article
Equilibrium Wage Dispersion with Worker and Employer Heterogeneity Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc Econometrica 2002 Article