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Interface homme-machine (INFO:INFO-HC)
RICardo Project : Exploring XIX Century International Trade Girard, Paul ; Dedinger, Beatrice ; Ricci, Donato ; Ooghe, Benjamin ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Plique, Guillaume ; Tible, Grégory ; 2016-07-11/2016-07-16 Digital Humanities 2016-07-16 Actes de colloque
Social Media-Based Collaborative Information Access: Analysis of Online Crisis-Related Twitter Conversations ; ; ; ; ; ; Roth, Camille ; 2016-07-10/2016-07-13 ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media Proceedings of HT'16 27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media 2016-07-10 Communication dans des actes de colloque publiés
Hyphe, a Curation-Oriented Approach to Web Crawling for the Social Sciences Jacomy, Mathieu ; Girard, Paul ; Ooghe, Benjamin ; Venturini, Tommaso ; 2016-05-18/2016-05-20 International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media 2016-05 Poster
Visual network storytelling Girard, Paul ; 2015-04-29/2015-04-30 ARS'15, mind the graph session 2015-04 Communication non publiée
AIME: opening the context of a Humanities inquiry Ricci, Donato ; de Mourat, Robin ; Boulanger, Pierre Laurent 2014 Communication non publiée
  ForceAtlas2, a continuous graph layout algorithm for handy network visualization designed for the Gephi software Jacomy, Mathieu ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Heymann, Sébastien ; Bastian, Mathieu PLos ONE 2014 Article