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Braun, Davy Médialab 1 publication
Jacomy, Mathieu Médialab Web mapping 36 publications
Baneyx, Audrey Médialab Knowledge engineering, Text mining, Digital Humanities, Artificial intelligence 11 publications
Gemenne, François Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales 9 publications
Benvegnu, Nicolas Médialab 9 publications
Denis, Marine Médialab
Hasegawa, Reiko Médialab 4 publications
Girard, Paul Médialab Information Technology , Collaborations between technology and non-technical domains 39 publications
Lezean, Estelle Médialab
Fauve, Adrien Médialab 2 publications
Tari, Thomas Médialab sociology, STS (science and technology studies), sociology of science 3 publications
Deves, Maud Médialab
Crépel, Maxime Médialab 26 publications
Lohard, Audrey Médialab 5 publications
Cointet, Jean-Philippe Médialab Political processes (political discourses, climate change negotiations), Computational sociology methods, Social media analysis, Science dynamics 14 publications
Morin, Kevin Médialab
Justen, Janine Médialab
Baya Laffite, Nicolas Médialab Interplay between science, technology, and politics , Environmental controversies 7 publications
Diakite, William Médialab
Krause, Léna Médialab
Cardon, Dominique Médialab Usages of internet: Wikipedia, social networks, blogs etc., Analysis of transformations of the public space, Expressive and relational dynamics via the web, Sociological analysis of the algorithms of the web and big data, Wikipedia, social networks, blogs etc. Analysis of transformation of the public space, expressive and relational dynamics via the web, Sociological Analysis of Web algorithms and Big Data 20 publications
Roth, Camille Médialab 16 publications
Ricci, Donato Médialab 18 publications
Venturini, Tommaso Médialab Digital Methods, Controversy Mapping, Social Modernization 35 publications
Lépinay, Vincent Médialab Digital humanities, Social theory, History and sociology of economy 6 publications